Paper Pad Challenge

I have spent this afternoon finishing off a couple of layouts for a challenge at Make A Page Scrapbooking.

The challenge is to take a 6×6 paper pad and make as many layouts as you can with it, the only rules are you must use at least two pages from the pad per page and no other patterned papers.

I managed to do 11 layouts and I’m pretty happy with most of them! The paper I chose was Madam Boutique from KaiserCraft and I really love the colours in the range. Although I guess it’s sort of a vintage, feminine range, they can be adapted to a lot of different layouts – I did some travel ones, some on my cats (of course!), some of my childhood and one about going for high tea at the Sofitel (yum!).

When I buy my papers, I don’t like to just use them for what they traditionally would lend themselves to – for example, when I was doing my wedding album, I barely used any “wedding” papers – I just scrapped whatever papers I liked and just happened to use them for wedding layouts.

I’ve spent the rest of my afternoon adding photos to layouts I’ve done at classes. I am terrible at being organised enough to take photos with me when I go to a class, so I always seem to have a stack of layouts without any photos. It is quite satisfying to go through them all in one go and add photos though – a few weeks ago, I sat down and finished nearly 20 layouts in an afternoon! That sounds so impressive, but all they needed was photos!

If you want to see more of my layouts, I’ve uploaded them all to the gallery on the challenge website here.

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