Wow, has it really been over a month since I posted? And that means over a month since I did any scrapping?

I’ve done a couple of classes, but following instructions doesn’t really count – I’ve lost my mojo!!

I’ve sat down at my desk a few times, shuffled some paper, moved my supplies around (and now can’t find anything!!) but when it comes to putting double sided tape to paper – nothing!!

Life’s been pretty busy and work pretty stressful, so I just can’t seem to get my head into the scrapping zone. I just had a quick flick through the latest Creating Keepsakes, which usually helps, but inn still drawing a blank.

Maybe I’ll spend the rest of this evening looking through unscrapped photos and see what takes my fancy…

Any tips? Help!

One thought on “Mojo

  1. I can totally understand how your feeling Claire. I’ve been struggling with my mojo too. Maybe you should scraplift a layout from the Creating Keepsakes magazine. Sometimes not having to think so much can help get you back into the groove.

    Hope the stress at work settles down for you, that is never fun, especially with the stress of xmas coming up too.

    Take Care


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