Even more “Forget Me Not”…

What a busy couple of days! With Christmas and New Year and all the associated fun there wasn’t a lot of time for scrapping but we did manage to get another day and a half in before everyone had to go home.

I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t have bought the “Forget Me Not” papers for myself if I’d seen them – I’m not usually much of one for pinks – but I am so glad that Mum added it to my Christmas stocking because I’m really enjoying working with it!

Two more pages up today… sorry for the bad photos, I really do need to work on that… I’ve got an off the page to post as well, once I can get organised! Hmmm, should I unpack, clean up and do the washing tomorrow, or should I scrap? Decisions, decisions!!

Daddy’s Girl

Daddy's Girl

Materials: Kaisercraft papers, collecatables and pearl strips

How many layouts of Indiana can I get away with before the boys start to get jealous? She’s such a cutie though and she goes so well with pink! The base paper for this was so pretty I didn’t want to do too much to take away from it so I focussed on the middle. This one came together really easily – maybe half an hour?


Baby Me!


Materials: KaiserCraft paper and collecatables

This on the other hand was like pulling teeth! I started off with the criss-crossy paper and cut out the middle, then stared at it for a while, before I cut out a bunch of the blue squares and made the border around the bit I’d cut out. More staring… I added some more blue squares around the edges and the lovely rose paper behind the cut out section. Even more staring (into space this time) then I added the collectables and the photo. For a layout that was so difficult to work out what to do, I’m reasonably happy with it, though it doesn’t really look like it should’ve taken two hours!

2 thoughts on “Even more “Forget Me Not”…

  1. From the stories mum tells I’m surprised I was sitting still long enough to have my photo taken! Thank goodness for seatbelts (or legal child restraints :))

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