New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I join the masses and make a new year’s resolution – usually to lose weight! – and despite swearing not to this year, Aaron and I are actually on a bit of a weight loss kick so I guess it counts as a new year’s resolution.

My crazy husband is planning to do the Kokoda Track later this year and although I say he’s crazy, I’m super proud of him. Since the end of the Christmas excesses, he’s been madly trying to get in shape and train up for this big adventure so I’m going along for the ride – what better way to get myself in shape and finally get back into my skinny jeans?

This year…

This Year...

Materials: American Crafts Kraft cardstock, My Minds Eye “Follow Your Heart” paper and chipboard stickers

I’m a mad doodler as anyone who’s ever been to a meeting with me will attest to – my work notebooks are full of not only notes (I’ve got a terrible memory so I write everything down!) but scribbles and doodles in the margins and borders. That having been said, I’m not much of a doodler on my pages, so I thought I’d give it a go… I think I need more practise, but it was a fun challenge!

Another thing I’m not so good at is putting a photo of just me on a page without any landmarks, cats, other people or distractions in the frame – this is a Picasa-ed iPhone “selfie” (as I think the young people call them!). One day I might get used to seeing photos of me!

I’ve only ever done one other “new years” layout and that was over five years ago and most of the things I’d put on that actually came to light, so it will be interesting to look back on this at the end of this year and see whether I make it to my goals…

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Wow Claire I am loving your layout! Love the doodling, it is so popular right now! And wow the Kokoda Track is huge. Good on your hubby for having a goal :o)

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