All day crop – dinner time (almost)

Definitely slowing down now! Tea’s about half an hour away – I’m considering having a nap beforehand or at least a wine or three!

My fingers aren’t too inky but my black t-shirt is covered in lint, paper and discarded adhesive!


materials: basic grey paper and stickers, kaisercraft rubons
I love basic grey’s Capella range, I bought tons of it when I was doing my wedding album as they were a perfect match. Now I don’t have any wedding photos unscrapped so it’s cat photos šŸ™‚ Barn is such a cute sleeper I just had to capture this rare moment of quiet for him! These rubons are a real pain – I rubbed and rubbed but they still didn’t go on right. Thank goodness for black pens! It’s a shame because the designs are great…


materials: basic grey paper and stickers
Another gorgeous photo of our little Miss Indiana. I didn’t put too much thought into this one, it was rather slapdash but I’m quite happy with it.

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