Scrap / spare room – done!

Just a quick post today –  we finally finished the work on my scrap room / our spare room today – painted, new curtains (Masters and Spotlight), new wall hanging ($5 at Typo – bargain!), new light fitting (Masters again) and re-arranged. New carpet will be coming eventually, when the whole house has been painted… might be a while!!

Scraproom #1

I also bought myself a new green lamp from Bunnings to add some extra light to my desk for late night scrapping.



Scrap room #3

Hello helper Aaron! I used to have a noticeboard above my desk, but since the revamp I lost that, so I decided to regress to my teenage years and plaster them all over the wardrobe door. It gives me plenty of space to expand my collection of photos, bits and pieces and inspiration.



Scrap room #2

And finally, a hopefully comfy bed for our guests to sleep in (or Aaron if he’s in the doghouse ;)) with a bedside chest which conveniently adds some extra storage space for my scrapping goodies.

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