Long weekend project – travel frame – part 1

It’s a long weekend here and rather than going away for the weekend, we’re staying home so I’m going to tackle a project I’ve had sitting under my desk for months.

I bought a kaisercraft frame months and months ago in a fit of inspiration which promptly disappeared as soon as I got it home.

So after all the excitement last weekend I thought I’d put all those ideas to good use and try to do something with “the frame”.

It’s probably no secret but I love traveling, so I have lots of travel papers and ephemera so a travel theme seems to be the logical choice. Aside from a cat frame. But I have heaps of those already so travel wins (this time!).

1. Okay, so I started off by randomly painting the top of the frame in random splotches of red, gold and green to match my chosen papers. It looks monstrous now, but I’m going to crackle it tomorrow and cover in a layer of black, so these colours will show through the cracks. It looks awesome in my head, hopefully it works!

The paints I used are Plaid folk art metallic garnet red, kaisercraft olive and viva precious metal gold. Not sure how the last one will go with the crackle tomorrow but fingers crossed it’ll be an interesting, but good, effect!


I can hear mum despairing at my mistreatment of paintbrushes from here – it’s ok, I washed this one and it’ll be usable tomorrow!!

2. Before I painted the frame I’d traced the outline of the sections onto the backboard. I went through my Teresa Collins “world traveller” paper pad and cut out background pieces for each section. How gorgeous are these papers?


3. For each section I’m going to make a little mini layout, some with photos, some without. Ive made one so far…. The “travel” world will overlap the frame. I used the tag off those Eiffel Tower scissors from my last post and decorated with paper, fabric and an arc de triomphe charm I’ve had forever. I’ve got a baguette from that set too, which will have to take pride of place somewhere. I finished off with some collections elements words – their word strips are the best, I use them all the time – so simple but so effective!


That’s it for tonight, I’ll post some updates tomorrow to show my (hopefully) progress. If I don’t post anything, I’ve gone to the beach. Bless this extended bout of summer!

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