Long weekend project – travel frame – part 3

Big success on the frame, the colours are showing through the cracks perfectly! And surprisingly, the viva metallics bits worked best!


7. I’ve gone a but foam tape crazy on this one, it’s got four layers of tape on the back of the photo so it’ll sit outside the frame. For the frill on the bottom of the photo “tag”, I stamped randomly onto a piece of canvas scalloped fabric, then pleated it roughly onto some tape on the back of the tag. I then inked some white German scrap with black and stuck it over the seam. I used a but of Pritt gel to stick the string to the key, then the key to the background.


8. My last tag for today (12 to go!) is a really simple one,but I think it’ll look good in the frame. I had a leftover cardboard roll from the green ribbon that I’ve been using for this project and I didn’t want to waste it so I covered it in some paper, added some German scrap and, voila, a cute embellishment! Then I just added some collections elements words and all done!


That’ll do for one day I think, time for some tea, a video and an early night I think!

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