Long weekend project – travel frame – part 4

Some days I think I’m too dopey to scrapbook and today is one of those days. Everything I do seems to take longer than it should or I mess it up somehow and have to start over. I think I need more sleep!

9. I started this panel with the idea that I wanted to hold some elements to the background with a peg. That was it and that was the easy bit! The hard bit was what to do once that was done. I messed about for ages before settling on adding part of a pink paislee tag and some of the old faithful collections elements word chips.


10. Again, I started this panel with a solid idea but it ended up taking ages because I kept getting ink all over everything! For the quote, I wrote it up in Word and printed it on just a normal piece of paper. Then I lightly stuck my green paper over the printed words and re-ran the sheet through the printer. I like this method of printing on patterned paper, it pretty much guarantees your words will print in the right spot.

I finished off with German scrap and a chipboard twig that I inked gold, stamped with a Kaszazz stamp in black then covered in crackle accents.


11. Finally, an easy one! Just stuck down my photo, them my quote, added bling and voila!


12. Another quick one – the photo ones are a bit easier because the photo gives you your focal point and takes up a lot of space, so there’s not as much to do! Photo down, added some squares of leftover paper, plonked a button on top and done! Easy peasy!


Having a bit of a break for now, might do some more this evening. Still eight panels to go. Is it doable by the end of the long weekend? I think so, but I’m not going to stress myself out just to get it done. Scrapping’s meant to be fun after all!

PS. The fonts I’ve been using for my quotes are – Jellyka Delicious cake, 1942 report and CK Road Trip.

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