Bad bad scrapbooker

So long since I last posted and nothing to show for it! I’ve not done one scrap of scrapping since I got back from nz… There’s just never enough time! And when I have time, I can’t quite drag myself to do anything… I have sat at my desk a few times rearranging my ink pads and scissors, but when it comes to putting glue to paper…

What to do about it?

I have been doing a lot of Pinterest-ing – don’t all crafters/scrapbookers/women/humans do a lot of that these days? My gosh it’s addictive! I think Graphic 45 are my favourite board to follow, though Donna Downey‘s quotes are so inspirational and I really enjoy reading/re-pinning her stuff too.

I used to get a lot of inspiration from blogs, but with Google Reader shutting down this week (sad face) , I’m not finding it as easy to follow things as I used to. I’ve been using BlogLovin for a few months (since the announcement of GR’s impending doom), but I haven’t really clicked with it. Digg have started a new reader, which looks promising, so I’m going to move my blogs over there and see how it suits.

I think I might get some photos printed too – it’s always easier to scrap when I’ve got a pile of photos to work with, rather than just printing them as I need to from my computer. I wonder what deals Snapfish have on this week…

I’m entering into a bit of a crop season now – three crops/retreats over the next six weeks or so, so I need to get my mojo back and fast or they’re going to be very slow, tedious, frustrating weekends!!

Any advice is more than welcome 🙂

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