New Kaisercraft and some not so new Teresa Collins

I did my first layout for weeks tonight – what a treat to have a Friday night at home! Last weekend I managed to get my paws on some of KaiserCraft’s new “The Looking Glass” collection and I’ve been hanging out all week to have a play!

I started out with a photo I wanted to scrap, but I ended up using a completely different one that matched the papers better…

More Tea! More Books!

More tea! More books!

Materials: KaiserCraft Looking Glass papers, kindy glitz, Typo twine, doily and newspaper, Glimmer Mist.

I started off raising the elements on the right – yeah, still hate fussy cutting, but unfortunately I love the effect! Then I ripped a photo mat out of some of the leftover paper and stuck some twine around it as a border, just with tape – I left a long tail on it and then glued it down to write a quote around. A bit of kindy glitz, some glimmer mist and voila! I love the quote around the string – “There is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous” – so true! As I said, I started off wanting to scrap a photo of my kittens, but it didn’t quite fit with the paper, so I went with this photo of my gorgeous friend Estelle and I at her hen’s party a few years ago now (scary how time flies!!) – it was an afternoon tea party, so it seemed to suit the Alice in Wonderland theme much more appropriately.


I did these next two layouts months ago, but since I was really happy with them, I wanted to get some decent photos to do them justice – so after three attempts, I’m giving up and going with some not-so-decent photos – sorry…

You & Me

You & Me

Materials: Teresa Collins Stationery Noted, Bazzill

Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness

Materials: Teresa Collins Stationery Noted

How cute is this photo of Indiana? On one particularly cold night a few months ago I hadn’t seen her for a while, and when I haven’t seen her for a while I start to worry about what sort of mischief she’s getting up to, so I mounted a house-wide search. After looking everywhere, I came across her just like this – she’d decided it was just too cold and tucked herself up into bed – under the doona, head on the pillow. Awwwww!

I also just wanted to add a quick shout out to Megan of Megan’s Miscellaneous Menagerie for her lovely comment on my French Country Tray post – her blog’s really cool with some fantastic and inspirational stuff there!

One thought on “New Kaisercraft and some not so new Teresa Collins

  1. Oh wow! Thanks so much for the kind mention 🙂 I just did a review of Kaisercraft’s Looking Glass collection, & while I wasn’t very impressed with the range, I just LOVE what you did with it.

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