Stampin’ Up Paper Trimmer Review

As far as scrapping tools go, my paper trimmer is my best friend and constant companion.

I have been using my trusty Fiskars triple track trimmer for many years and generally had no problems with it – the blade life could be a bit iffy and sometimes it didn’t quite cut straight, but I still loved it and we made many beautiful papery treasures together.

At a crop night late last year, a friend had purchased a new trimmer from Stampin’ Up and I was inspired to get one myself, thanks to the many really cool and thoughtful features built into it…

1) Cutting and scoring blades can both be installed at the same time

Stampin' Up Trimmer

I’m not huge into card-making or many activities that require a scoring blade a lot, but it’s something that comes in handy a lot more than you’d think. It was always a bit of a pain with the Fiskars cutter that if you wanted to use the scoring blade, you really had to remove the cutter blade to use the scoring blade, which also increased the probability of losing one or the other of the blades while they weren’t in the trimmer.

The Stampin’ Up trimmer solves this by having a bit of a buffer at either end of the cutting track, where the blade that you’re not using can sit without getting in the way of the one you are using.

The only thing I found was that I needed to write on the blade which one was which, after accidentally scoring when I wanted to cut for about the hundredth time!

Stampin' Up Trimmer - Storage2) Storage built into the base for extra blades and bits and pieces

Following on from the above, I’m really good at losing stuff, so the storage built into the bottom of the trimmer is fantastic for storing not only your extra blades, but any other little bits and pieces you might need – maybe some inks and pens?

3) Inches and centimeters on the rulers

This is a must-have, particularly for Aussie scrappers! Some classes are run in centimeters, some in inches, and it’s really annoying if you don’t have that measurement on your trimmer – plus, I can be a bit fickle, sometimes I work in centimeters, sometimes in inches, it’s nice to have the choice!

Stampin' Up Trimmer - Locking Mechanism4) Locking mechanism for holding paper in place

I’m always trying to squeeze as much value as I can out of my paper stash, which often results in me trying to cut really narrow pieces of paper. If you’ve ever tried cutting a 2cm strip of paper in half on the Fiskars trimmer, you’ll know it’s basically impossible without the paper slipping all over the place. I tried this on my Stampin’ Up trimmer and once the track was locked in place, my paper didn’t move a millimeter and I had two nice 1cm strips! Magic!

5) Option to add rotary blades for straight and decorative cuts

So far, I’ve only got the normal trimmer blades, but there is the option to upgrade to use rotary blades instead, which you can use to do straight and decorative cuts, which is pretty cool. The rotary upgrades and additional blades look like they’re pretty good value too (AU$6.95).

6) Blades are well-attached to the track

I have lost track of how many Fiskars blades I lost when I was out and about scrapping because they’d fall out of the track super easily. The Stampin’ Up blades are quite well embedded in the track – they’re a little hard to remove, actually – but given how infrequently you have to change the blades (well, hopefully – see below), I’d rather have a little inconvenience occasionally over constantly worrying about losing the blades.

My only negative so far, and I am hoping this is something that Stampin’ Up can address, is that the cutting blades are all but blunt when they’re brand new – after only a couple of cuts, or even from the first cut, my paper is feathered – I’ve tried thick card, thin paper, photos and they’re all a bit furry around the edges. Hopefully Stampin’ Up can address this and the next batch of blades are better quality. I’m wondering if the rotary blades might be better?

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my purchase – if they can get the blades right, then it’ll be close to a 10/10 from me!

What’s your experience with the Stampin’ Up cutter?

Update January 2017

I’ve stuck with this trimmer and the blades do seem to be better – I wouldn’t say they’re wonderful, but they certainly last a lot longer – at least on par with my old Fiskars trimmer.

4 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up Paper Trimmer Review

  1. Bought the Stampin’up trimmer recently and I’m having the same trouble with the blade….ripping my paper, card, photo paper to shreds! Not at all happy!

  2. This trimmer is horrible! The blades DO NOT LAST! I wouldn’t even give this away. I’m throwing it out, after I use my 2 new blades. I just replaced my blade TWO DAYS ago and already, it’s shredding my paper! Horrible!

  3. I was just checking online to see if anyone else was having an issue with Stampin Up Paper Trimmer blades and found your post. The blades do not last very long at all and as soon as I run out of replacements I am trashing this paper trimmer and going back to Fiskars. Really disappointed because if not for the crummy blades it is the perfect trimmer. Of course if that is it’s weak point then it is not a useful crafting tool.

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