Big Night Out

Finally catching up on photos from New Year’s Eve last year- at least I got to them before a whole new batch are taken in just a few weeks!



Materials: KaiserCraft “Betsy’s Couture” paper, collectables and stickers

This one was hard – I started off easily, with the built up frame, but then filling in the middle was difficult. I came back to this about five times over two days before I finally felt like it was something resembling finished. That having been said, even looking at it now I think it still needs “something”…

World’s Fair


Materials: Graphic45 World’s Fair paper and tags.

This one, on the other hand, is much more intricate and detailed, but was much, much easier to do – Graphic45’s papers are so easy to work with, they’re so inspiring and the paper is so thick and lovely to work with (sales pitch – done! If only I worked for commission!). This photo of Aaron hamming it up in his top hat seemed to fit with the theme of the paper and the tag with the man in a top hat tied it all together perfectly. There’s lots of fussy cutting going on here (three layers in some spots!), but the final effect is worth it (ooooh, I hate fussy cutting! Curse it for looking so good!).

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