Wait? Are they cat layouts? You’re kidding!

Yes, more cat layouts… but they’re so cute!!


Indiana Layout - Graphic45 Ladies Diary

Indiana Layout - Graphic45 Ladies Diary - Detail

Materials: Graphic45 A Ladies Diary (the original, yes, I still have some!), KaiserCraft  flowers, Thickers letter stickers, unknown bling, miscellaneous ribbon

Indiana wasn’t playing nice when I wanted to take her photo, but it ended  up being a good thing, because how lovely is this photo of her looking out the window? I started this layout from the photo down, matting it, then constructing a frame out of one of the sheets of paper, then layering, layering, layering until I was happy. Add some flowers and some bling and voila! On a side note, how cool are the Thickers? They are so shiny in real life, love them!


Rabbit Paws

Austin - Graphic45 Raining Cats and Dogs

Materials: Graphic45 Raining Cats and Dogs paper and cards, Thickers letter stickers, random hessian and metal objects (from my mum’s stash)

I’ve had this layout sitting around waiting to be photographed for ages – it’s a good one, so I’m not sure why I took so long to get around to it! It’s so easy to work with this range, especially being the crazy cat lady that I am, this one just came together with hardly any effort at all! Such a great photo of Austin too, I’m a bit obsessed with his paws, they’re just so cute!

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