Framed Wedding Bouquet

Happy new year! I’m starting the year with something a little different!

Almost seven years ago, I was lucky enough to marry my very handsome man – how time flies! Last year, I was cleaning out my linen cupboard and came across my bouquet and I thought, I really should do something nice with it, rather than letting it languish in the dark along with our towels and sheets.

Green wedding bouquet

During the planning of our wedding, I wasn’t really sure I wanted a bouquet, but when I came across the gorgeous green paper roses in a bridal shop, I knew I had found the perfect match for my dress. Mum and I altered the bouquet slightly by adding some additional white paper roses and tying it with ribbon and it was more beautiful than I could have hoped.

Framed Wedding Bouquet

img_5521 img_5523

Materials: KaiserCraft shadow box frame, Bazzill cardstock, bucket loads of glue

To mount my bouquet in the frame, I had to dismantle it – it was way too fat to fit into the frame as it was! I glued the ‘banana leaf’ wrapping on the cardstock and with mum’s help, arranged flowers into a bouquet shape. I then adorned it with –

  • The sparkly gems that I had in my hair on the day
  • A lucky charm I was given after the ceremony
  • An Eiffel Tower from our reception tables (they were name placeholders on the bridal table)
  • A small photo that was part of our thank you cards
  • A gorgeous comb from my hair

Yes, I know I’m a hoarder – this isn’t even the half of it!

I am so happy with how it came out – my bouquet now sits proudly in our kitchen rather than hiding in the dusty corners of the linen cupboard.

Wedding memorabilia display

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