Travel Coin Collection

Following on from my hoarding of wedding memorabilia, comes my husband’s hoarding of… well, everything really!…  But specifically, commemorative coins. On all of our holidays, whenever he sees a vending machine that sells coins or one of those ones that you put a coin in and it crushes it and stamps it with an image of where you are, he has to get one.

But, being Aaron, they were just sitting in his desk drawer. As Christmas 2015 approached (yes, I have been slack posting this!), I “borrowed” his collection (unsurprisingly, without him even noticing!) and put it into this cute little album.

Travel Coin Album

Materials: We R Memory Keepers 4×4 album, KaiserCraft Now Boarding paper

The 4×4 album with the 4 pocket inserts was the perfect size for this project, although keeping the coins in place was a bit of a challenge – where the coin was double-sided, I had to staple the pocket closed so it wouldn’t fall out.

To go with each coin, I put the details of where and when the coin was collected along with a photo of the place.

It ended up being quite a fat little album, but it was much-appreciated and makes the collection much more accessible now than rifling through a desk drawer that’s also full of pens, scraps of paper, bits of string and goodness knows what else!

Travel Coin Album img_5558 img_5557 img_5556 img_5555

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