Japan Travel Journal

As you may have gathered, I do love collecting little bits and pieces and Japan is the most perfect place for someone like me – everywhere we went, there were gorgeous little brochures, postcards and miscellany for me to tuck away in my luggage to be included in my journal on my return home.

I love this journal – I think it’s my favourite travel journal that I’ve made – it’s stuffed full of great memories, was easy to put together and it just sums up our trip so well.

Japan Travel Journal


Materials: Graphic45 Birdsong papers, KaiserCraft bling, fotojet.com

This is a very simple album, held together with binding rings. The cover was inspired by a card on Robin Shakoor’s blog. It is very hard to find Birdsong paper now – I only had a very small amount of it, which I’d bought in a kit about a year before we actually went to Japan, in anticipation of one day going and being able to use it!


I had to go out twice and buy bigger rings because I kept adding more stuff to the album!


For the photos interspersed between the pages of text, I used fotojet.com to create comic book-style collages, which I printed on heavy matte cardstock. The bag contained a cake-type thing we bought in a subway in Tokyo – I swear we didn’t get the cake just so I could have the bag to put in my journal!


We sent ourselves postcards from a few of the places we visited, including Universal Studios in Osaka – it was so nice to have them all waiting for us when we arrived home!

img_5565 img_5566

The “thank you” star was given to us by some children in Nara that ‘interviewed’ us for their English class – I’m not sure how easy it was to understand our “Australian English”, but it was a lot of fun!


The back cover showcases some more of this beautiful Graphic45 range – I hope they re-release it one day!

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